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Keeping Your Focus

It can be overwhelming to think about ways to up your game - but nothing is more impactful than to know how to focus your time and energies on the few things that matter. From years of experience and professional research, I’ve found these 3 practices to have great impact in our personal and professional lives:

  • Understand How Your Leadership Drives Performance

One of the most powerful tools to effective leadership is to understand how your behaviors impact others. This will enable you to focus on the few most valued attributes in driving performance. Gaining candid input from others and interpretive guidance from experts in the field is the most effective way to do this. The process can be accomplished quickly, providing leaders with invaluable insights and areas of focus.

  • Invest In Relationships

We rely on relationships to get work done, influence others and feel happily engaged in society. Having rapport with others is the vital element to bringing others along with your ideas and accomplishing your objectives. This is best demonstrated through expressing genuine interest in others and sharing gratitude liberally.

  • Trust Your Gut

Your gut instincts play a valuable role in decision-making and should not be ignored. Clearly, all decisions shouldn’t be based solely on your gut, but they guide you to areas to explore before reaching your decision. Malcolm Gladwell notes, “When a person relies on their gut feeling and uses the instinctual rule of thumb to ‘go with your first best feeling and ignore everything else’ it can permit them to outperform the most complex calculations.”

These behaviors are not always simple to live. It can be very helpful to get outside assistance to focus on these priorities – which will provide lifetime benefits.

Amy Mysel, Mysel Consulting, LLC


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